A custom-built training application for the courses of Pragmatic Web Security. Hands-on labs challenge participants to execute attacks and implement defenses in a realistic setting.

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About the labs

The lab sessions are based on a custom-built training application. This way, participants can try out attacks and defenses in a realistic setting.

Participants are not expected to write chunks of code on the spot. All labs are prepared up front. Security features can be enabled and disabled through configuration files. In all cases, sample solutions are provided.

Fully prepped lab sessions

Each lab session is fully documented. A virtual lab assistant offers the necessary guidance to get through the lab step by step.

Real attacks and defenses

During the labs, participants execute actual attacks and investigate how different defenses help mitigate the attack.

Real tools

During the lab sessions, we use real tools (e.g., Burp Suite, hashcat), providing insights into actual attack scenarios

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Heightened learning experience

Getting your hands dirty forces you to thoroughly think about the course materials, and it also significantly improves future retention.

Custom training application

Restograde is a custom-built training application, available as a traditional JSP application, or a modern API-backed Angular application.

Easy setup

The labs are conducted in a dedicated training environment, with operational details hidden behind a simple setup procedure.

Questions about security training in general, or the labs in specific? Get in touch!

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